Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod

Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod is a next level survival plus multiplayer expansion that adds new medieval weapons into Minecraft with their crafting recipes. You can spawn different medieval cannons, Cannon balls, and other melee weapons inside the inventory of this Minecraft mod. Have a new journey of Minecraft PvP using Armoury Offense weapons.

Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod

Introducing New Fighting Style into Minecraft

Ever wanted to have combat in medieval styles? The Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod allows players to use different medieval weapons in survival mode to fight hard against mobs within Minecraft game. The mod added the best melee objects to spawn and use while fighting. So let’s dive into the main features of the mod below.

Armoury Offense Cannons

Minecraft Armoury offense mod added different types of cannons in different shapes, sizes and appearances. Each cannon comes under the category of armor weapons that help players to shoot projectiles and different cannon balls on the opponent mobs. The mod added 4 types of cannons including sheep, slime, volley gun and normal. You can press space to stop moving the cannons and easily place cannons to shoot on enemies.

Normal Cannon

You have to use a normal cannon ball on this cannon. 

Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod

Slime Cannon

You have to use a slime cannon ball on this cannon.

Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod

Sheep Cannon

You have to use a sheep cannon ball on this cannon.


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Volley Gun

You have to use a normal cannon ball on this cannon.

volley gun

Battering Ram

In this mod, Battering Ram is the melee weapon that is beneficial for attacking the strongest mobs in the most targeted ways. For sneaking, you have to right click on it and it will automatically start swinging for explosions.

Battering Ram


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that fighting becomes easier against the most dangerous mobs adding the Armoury Offense Mod into your survival worlds. You can shoot projectiles on your enemies using different cannons and other weapons. So, download this amazing PvP mod now from our website but make sure it’s compatibility matches with your Minecraft download version. Have fun shooting!


Does the mod add cannon boats?

Yes, the mod adds cannon boats.

Can I play the mod in multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play the mod in the multiplayer mod.

Can I craft the cannon balls in the mod?

Yes, you can craft the cannon balls in the mod.

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