Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Playing on a Console is a bit difficult for the Minecraft Bedrock edition players as it is hard to spawn the exact locations. With our top 5 Minecraft 1.19 seeds for PS5 and Xbox, you can spawn one of the best locations in the bedrock edition of Minecraft plus gather unlimited resources for your survival.

Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Minecraft 1.19 Seeds For PS5 and Xbox

Minecraft is an open world game that can be played on Android and other platforms like Pc, PS5 or other consoles like Xbox. Besides this, Minecraft has different editions and versions and each version has its own gameplay and features having different coordinates to spawn the locations. You can now use the best seeds that allow you to enhance your exploration and building experience. In this article, we have provided the top 5 Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox. For related content, explore Minecraft Seeds for PS4.

Seed: 2327446050637187273

  • Main Location: Seaside Village
  • Initial Point: Using this seed, you will initially spawn at a taiga village having an ocean on one side and on the other side is the birch forest.
  • Key Point 1: You can engage with different types of villagers having different professions and do trading with them.
  • Key Point 2: This place is best for building your beautiful plus ravishing Minecraft house.

Seed: 1991159181765928209

  • Main Location: Huge Mangrove Swamp
  • Initial Point: As Mangrove swamp is the latest biome in Minecraft, you will initially spawn at the beautiful plus huge mangrove swamp biome. You can explore the biome and gather resources from here.
  • Key Point : Fireflies are important in this biome, so take resources with yourself to protect.

Seed: -750738028158681627

  • Main Location: Survival Island with Portal
  • Coordinates: 248, 55, 40
  • Initial Point: Using this survival seed, you will initially spawn at the ting survival island having more larger islands in its surroundings.
  • Key Point 1: Besides exploring the survival island, you can spawn a ruined portal nearby an island.
  • Key Point 2: You can create a nether portal at the spawn point if you have obsidian and lava with yourself.

Seed: -4298431919489035528

  • Main Location: World of Lara Croft
  • Coordinates: -24, 63, 109
  • Initial Point: Using this historic seed, you will initially spawn at the parkour location. Yes, this seed spawns you in the jungle biome having rivers nearby. You can build your own riverside house there and survive.
  • Key Point 1: You can even spawn a beautiful lush cave next to the panda habitat.
  • Key Point 2: Best location to survive and build a secret base.

Seed: 2457835280032708801

  • Main Location: Ship at the Dock
  • Coordinates: 118, 69, 258
  • Initial Point: Using this beautiful seed, you will initially spawn at the ocean having a ship. It can only be found using this survival seed having no danger of mobs.
  • Key Point: Ever wanted to explore ship at the dock, this seed spawn you at the exact ship location.

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