Minecraft Snootcraft Mod

Transforming Minecraft into a Snoot novel gameplay is a good option? Minecraft Snootcraft mod is a top level expansion that allows players to add a touch of snoot into Minecraft adding new snoot characters as mobs from fang to Reed and new unique items. This Minecraft mod holds both a combat plus creative gameplay allowing players to have adventurous fights against Minecraft mobs.

Minecraft Snootcraft Mod

Bringing Parody Snoot Gameplay into Minecraft

Both Snoot and Minecraft are two different ways to get adventures and have fun. Minecraft is a creative 3D game while Snoot is a parody novel and then a biggest popular Snoot game. The Minecraft Snootcraft mod is the best combination of these two allowing Minecraft players to enhance their gameplay adding new mobs, items and a complete new way of crafting and creating within Minecraft. Enjoy visual novel gameplay in Minecraft.

Mob Characters

As Minecraft Snoot craft is the latest mod that allows players to have great fights, the mod adds new characters from the Snoot game into Minecraft. These mobs are powerful in nature and each mob has different features. For example each mob has different damages and different HPs. In the mod, if one character spawned near another character, the first one will automatically start disappearing. Isn’t it fun? Start your new Minecraft journey bringing new mobs.


mob 1


mob 2


mob 3


mob 4


mob 5


mob 6

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Besides different mob characters, Minecraft Snoot Craft mod adds new plus unique Snoot items into Minecraft APK. Each item has a different purpose to give characters including: to provide strength, to provide new effects, and to improve the features of mobs. You can breed the mobs using these items. The main items provided by the mod are given below.

  1. Dino Nugget
  2. Lettuce
  3. Book of saturnia
  4. Tarot card
  5. Carfee
Minecraft Snootcraft Mod


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that fighting is a good opportunity offered by the Minecraft Snoot Craft mod that allows players to breed, feed and fight mobs. Download the latest snoot game inherited mod from our website and get all your favorite Snoot characters into Minecraft. Must check the compatibility of mod with your Minecraft download version before downloading.


Can I breed mobs in this mod?

Yes, you can breed mobs in this mod.

Does the mod add all snoot game characters?

Yes, the mod adds all snoot game characters.

Can I run this mod in the multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can run this mod in the multiplayer mode.

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