Minecraft Caveman Mod

Ever wanted to bring an ancient environment including houses, villagers, and other NPCs? Minecraft Caveman mod is the most popular expansion that allows players to meet unique inhabitants, the villagers, their ancestors who are cavemen and other tools inherited from the ancient tribes. Make new Minecraft friends in the mod and tame them to make them your bodyguards or your friends forever.

Minecraft Caveman Mod

Introducing Ancient Environment Adding Cavemen Into Minecraft

Caveman mod is the time traveling expansion that transformed blocky Minecraft into ancient-centric Minecraft having villagers, ancient houses and Caveman as the ancestor of the villagers of Minecraft. From making new mob friends to fighting against hostile Minecraft mobs, the mod is itself the most interesting addition to Minecraft. So, download this mod now from our website and enjoy experiencing the old Minecraft APK.

Caveman Buddy 

Caveman buddy is the Minecraft mod that is related to Caveman and old tribes bringing new gameplay into Minecraft game. In the caveman buddy mod, you will meet different tribes with their Caveman and make new Minecraft friends to fight hard against mobs. In the mod you will meet the main character as Caveman who is basically the ancestor of the villagers. He has 40 health points and 8 damages. You can easily spawn the Caveman buddy in the jungle biome and tame using raw animals and fishes.

Minecraft Caveman Mod
Minecraft Caveman Mod

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Besides Caveman, the mod also added aztecs, the ancestors of the illagers. He has 44 health points and 8 damages. He has a special attack of Evoker Magic.


Zombie Caveman

Besides Caveman and Aztecs, the mod added Zombie Caveman, the ancestors of the zombie steve. He has 20 health points and 5 damages.

Zombie Caveman

Caveman Mod

Here’s another Caveman mod besides the Caveman buddy that allows players to spawn the most powerful Caveman with a giant zombie in survival worlds. Both the entities have 30 health points and 15 damages. In the mod, these two entities fight against each other to know who is more stronger. 

another mod


Finally to conclude the article, we can say that Minecraft Caveman is the best survival mod to add ancient tribes, ancient environment and ancient NPcs as Cavemen into Minecraft. Get yourself experienced with new Minecraft gameplay having Caveman buddy as a new entity.


Can I tame Caveman in this mod?

Yes, you can tame Caveman in this mod.

Where can I download the mod?

You can download the mod from our website.

Can I play this mod in the survival mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in the survival mode.

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