Minecraft Wild West Map

Minecraft Wild West map is basically made for the players who love old and ancient structures and want custom maps. Minecraft Wild West map included different structures including old Western towns, deserts, mines or ancient vehicles like wagons or cacti.

Minecraft Wild West Map

Ancient Styled Theme Map: Minecraft Wild West

Minecraft Pocket Edition is no doubt a masterpiece game having a massive content on building, crafting and exploring. It is the most popular Video Game and players can easily play on mobile devices or on Windows. As Minecraft is an ancient game, it allows players to drive sometime to the ancient city or world where players can explore new ancient locations and meet new enemies. Minecraft Wild West map is a survival map that plots the world’s ancient towns and new survival journeys for the players. You will initially spawned at the small town with some Minecraft currency. Explore the Wild West and enhance your gameplay. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft Demon Slayer Map.

Incredible Train Station

As Minecraft is a vast game and every new map brings different features to the world, there is an incredible train station offered by this Wild West map. You can treat as a hub for transportation. It is an impressive feature that allows players to play and transport between different Western Locations using vehicles like wagons and even cacti too.

Oak Lindsay Small Town

Minecraft Wild West Map allows players to explore western and ancient towns, villages and structures. Oak Lindsay is a small old town that you can locate through this map.  It has all historical features including structures and items. So, Explore the map and enhance this small town of the western wild.

Small Western Villages

While playing the Minecraft Western Wild map, you can locate many small villages around that are totally Western-Inspired villages. The village has ancient buildings and structures made of wood. Besides this, you can explore Saloons, Residential Buildings or Sheriff’s Office.


Can I play Wild West map in a multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play this Wild West map in a multiplayer mode for a more adventurous journey.

Are there any Wild West maps for Bedrock Edition?

Yes, there are many Wild West maps present for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

How can I download this map?

You can easily download this map by clicking on the map file that we have provided in this article.

Can I use Minecarts in this Wild West map?

Yes, you can use Minecarts in this Wild West map.

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