Minecraft Cricket Mod

Ever wanted to be an all rounder player in the cricket world? Minecraft Cricket Mod is an offer to Minecraft players to have a cricket match within Minecraft APK either as a batsman or a bowler. From items to blocks, every cricket centered equipment is present. So, have an interesting cricket match with your friends in the survival worlds of Minecraft.

Minecraft Cricket Mod

Introducing Cricket World into Minecraft

Minecraft already has unlimited features to access besides modifications but adding the modified worlds into simple survival worlds makes Minecraft a beautiful way to craft and build. Introducing a newly developed Minecraft Cricket Mod into your worlds having all gaming features. Players can now easily access cricket stadiums and select from different cricket items, skins and textures. Also check out Minecraft Football Mod to enjoy the football game in Minecraft.

Cricket Stadium

For playing cricket within Minecraft, the players must need a vast cricket stadium having perfect sides and angles. This mod has added different types of cricket stadiums into your Minecraft worlds. Moreover, for cheering teams, the stadiums have attached audience target sitting areas. 

Minecraft Cricket Mod

Cricket Items

Cricket Mod has added different types of items from bats to balls and even different types of wickets to use in the stadium ground. Each bat and ball has its own specifications and damages. According to your preferences, you can customize the shape, size and colors of bats and balls and introduce new ways for batting and bowling. 

Cricket Skins

Besides the cricket items, the mod has added cricket skins for players to wear for cricket matches. The skins make the appearance of players like real world cricketers. Each design of skins are present in the inventory for players. Make your virtual cricket match more realistic by wearing the cricket skins of your country within Minecraft.

Cricket Teams

Teams are the basis of every cricket match including one empire. Likewise the real cricket teams, the mod allows you to make two cricket teams to play against. The cricket teams have to play hard against each other and have to outplay the players as much as possible to win the game. Make your own cricket team with your friends and family and play a hard match against opponents.

Cricket Rules

The virtual cricket match in the Minecraft cricket mod has some rules for the players to act upon and follow them. The rules include making a team of 11 players having half bowlers and half batters and half all rounders so the team becomes stronger than the opposite ones. Apply this rule, toss is the second rule between the teams to choose which team bats first. To win the match, the 2nd team has to score higher than the 1st team. Following the rules is necessary in this Minecraft mod to bring realism and a better gameplay.


Finally to conclude this article, we recommend you to download this mod for having the best cricket matches full of excitement and fun along with your friends and family. This mod introduces real time cricket experience and offers a virtual stadium.


Is Minecraft cricket mod free to download?

Yes, Minecraft cricket mod is free to download.

Are there cricket related items present in the mod inventory?

Yes, all the cricket related items present in the mod inventory.

Can I play this mod with friends?

Yes, you can play this mod with friends.

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