How To Make a Diamond Farm in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game that is actually made for the players who love creating and crafting in real life. Yes, Minecraft is a game having different crafting modes and versions including: survival, creative, hardcore and adventure modes and java and bedrock versions. You can create your own Minecraft houses, farms, buildings, castles or any other structures using diamonds, iron or Netherite. In today’s article, we are discussing how to make a diamond farm in Minecraft through crafting in the creative mode. Minecraft allows each and every player of the game to use and craft different items, structures and other mechanisms of the game.

How To Make a Diamond Farm in Minecraft

Diamond Farming in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are different natural resources that you can farm like diamonds or iron. As diamonds are the most difficult to Mine in Minecraft and you want to make your own diamond farm in the survival mode then you are at the right place. Further more if you want to capture moments like 90’s then check out Old Roll Mod APK.

Diamond farm is basically a structure that you can design to mine diamond and other natural ores. The diamond farm helps you to easily and fastly mine diamonds. You can learn how to make a diamond farm in Minecraft and make your work even easier for getting diamonds. Let’s make a diamond farm step by step and make our survival mode more easier.

For making a diamond farm in Minecraft, you need:

  • Two chest blocks
  • Stone block
  • Redstone dust
  • Multiple slime pistons
  • Multiple pistons
  • Four Redstone torches
  • Three hopers
  • Multiple Diamond ore

Step 1 – Place Stone Blocks

First, you have to collect all the items for making a diamond farm in Minecraft so that it can be easier for you while making it. Place four stone blocks 2 in series and 2 in parallel leaving one block hole space in the center of all of them. After placing the blocks, you have to place a double sized chest on one of the stone blocks. Be sure to include Minecraft Pixelmon Mod in your research.

Step 2 – Place Hoppers

Once you have placed all the stone blocks on the ground and a double sized chest on one of the stone blocks, now place three hoppers in the center of your structure.

After placing these hoppers, place 2 sets of diamond ores on the block that is far from the chest.

Step 3 – Place Slime Pistons

Once you have placed two sets of diamond ores, place two slime blocks that are one block far from the diamond ores.

Step 4 – Place Pistons

Another step is to place the two pistons on the side of your chest and place two blocks on the other side so that in the next step you will then replace it with Redstone dust.

Step 5 – Place Redstone Dust & Torches

Place Redstone dust on your blocks and after that place your collected redstone torches inside your structure. This is for extending the range of activation of redstone dust.

Step 6 – Place Pistons For Activation

At last, you have to place pistons on the diamond ores. Once you have placed the pistons, place Redstone dust at last for activation so that you can easily farm your diamonds.

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