Minecraft DeLorean Mod

Ever wanted to have the best simulation experience within Minecraft? Minecraft DeLorean mod is an expansion that offers players with a legendary DMC-12 car with the best interior. You can drive this amazing car in your survival worlds of Minecraft. Download Minecraft mods from our website and have fun experiencing the best of transportation.

Minecraft DeLorean Mod

Driving DeLorean DMC-12 in Minecraft

Undoubtedly, Minecraft is one of the best crafting and building video games having features from unlimited items to super dangerous mobs. It has both crafting plus building features but now the third one joins as simulation. Yes, with the latest Minecraft DeLorean mod, players can now enjoy driving the famous car DMC-12 in Minecraft creative and survival worlds.

This mod is a fan version of the famous Back To The Future series and has inherited all the features and details from that series in Minecraft. Players will love driving this super crazy car with its extra beneficial features. So, if you are a car plus Minecraft APK lover download the mod now and enjoy driving. Also check out Minecraft Wings Mod.


The main feature of this mod is allowing players to craft the item form of the DeLorean DMC-12 car. Yes, you can now craft the car in the crafting grid using different stuff that includes 

  • Four Steel Ingots
  • Two Black Concrete Blocks
  • An Electronic Circuit
  • Zeiton-7 Crystal
  • Glass Pane

Exciting Features

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a realistic car that has amazing look  features. The features of this car in this mod are of next level as it drives you crazy while driving. The functionality matters of every car and wisely this car has the best functioning systems. First, you can travel to different places in Minecraft and also cover long distance travels. It has details like other cars from shape to color. The DeLorean car has two seats as it is a two passenger sports car. You can easily open and close the doors and use acceleration for increasing and decreasing the speed of the car. Another amazing feature of this car is dealing damage to other entities as well as players. You can experience real movements driving this amazing car.


In this mod, you can either get a DMC-12 by crafting or a typing a command. For getting a car through typing, you have to type a command as: tile.CAR_ONE_MODEL.name. write the name of this car in {name}.Or type a command to summon the car. Type: /summon bttf:car_one.



Minecraft DeLorean is an example of the best simulation plus crafting mod that players love to add to their Minecraft survival worlds. With its unlimited features and amazing items, embark on a new journey driving a DeLorean car.


Can I summon the DeLorean in this mod?

Yes, you can summon the DeLorean in this mod.

Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

Can I play this mod in a multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in a multiplayer mode.

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