How To Turn Off Hitboxes in Minecraft

Hitboxes in Minecraft are the 3D boxes that surround different NPCs for showing their interactions to us. You can refer to them as square invisible boxes that can determine the interaction boundaries of different entities or objects in Minecraft PE. For knowing the space of each entity, you can turn on and off the hitboxes. In this article, we have provided a step by step guide on how to turn off hitboxes in Minecraft.

How To Turn Off Hitboxes in Minecraft

Removing Hitboxes in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has a vast number of features and in-game controls for best performance and visualization. As in the game, your hitboxes are already turned on, it is not possible to disable this feature using any in-game controls. But there is a way that you can try for sure to turn off the hitboxes in different editions of Minecraft you are playing in. Make sure to check out Minecraft SpongeBob Mod too!

Step 1- Look For the Mod Loader

As for disabling the hitboxes, you have to look for a mod loader first like Forge or Fabric. The mod leaders hold the best of the mods.

Step 2- Download Minecraft Mod

In the next step, you have to find a suitable mod for your Minecraft game that provides options for turning on and off the hitboxes.

Step 3- Place The File in Mods Folder

There is always an installation directory of any game as Minecraft also has. Place the downloaded modded files in the “mods” folder.

Step 4- Try it For Removing Hitboxes

At last, launch your Minecraft game again after refreshing it and create a new world to know if it provides the option for turning off the hitboxes.


Can I turn off hitboxes without using any mod?

No, you can’t turn off the hitboxes once turned on without using any mod.

Does Disabling hitboxes affect the balance of the gameplay?

Yes, disabling hitboxes affects the balance of the gameplay specially in multiplayer gameplay.

How to turn on the hitboxes in Minecraft?

Hitboxes can be easily turned on from off by pressing F3 and B at the same time.

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