Top 7 Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Mountain Seeds

Exploring vast places having high mountain coverages is difficult but not impossible for the java edition players. The mountain addicts can now discover Top 7 Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Mountain Seeds. This will be super fun plus a new start to the adventurous mountain journey.

Top 7 Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Mountain Seeds

Exploring Best 1.19 Mountain Seed

As Minecraft is a crafting plus building game, it allows you to explore various biomes and other places for gathering resources.  Using seeds is the best option to visit and explore larger places in Minecraft. Here we are with top 7 Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Mountain seeds for you as seeds play an important role if you are a Java edition player. Also check out 5 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds.

Jungle Mountain

  • Seed: 8366657511364410301
  • Temple Coordinates: X: 200, Z: -296
  • Cove Coordinates: X: 384, Z: -468

Jungle mountain covered the largest area of jungle, having unlimited amounts of bamboo. The jungle has different spawn points from temple to cove. Explore a mountain jungle and gather unlimited resources.

Mountain Tundra Village

  • Seed: –98990689
  • Cliff Coordinates: X: 176, Z: 0

This mountain seed is best among all other seeds as it spawns you in a beautiful tundra village with mountains and a river in its surroundings. Moreover you can spawn the cliff of the village easily using the coordinates.

Deep Dark Mountain

  • Seed: 7644964991330705060
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: -104, Z: -184
  • Ancient City Coordinates: X: 24, Y: -51, Z: -344

This Java edition mountain seed will spawn you at the deep snowy mountain having various mine shafts to explore. As you dig the mountain, the closer you will be to the darker biome underneath.

Diamond Mountain

  • Seed: -8169697951202909253

This seed will directly spawn you at a beautiful mountain having ores inside. You can mine different types of ores including diamonds. Diamond ores are present in vast amounts. Explore the seed and mine diamond ore.

Savana Crater

  • Seed: -2055721043
  • Formation Coordinates: X: -244, Y: 124, Z: -138

Savanna crater is the most used mountain seed that allows you to build at the center of the mountain having a savanna crater at its center. Enjoy building on the center and peak of the mountains using this seed.

Mountain Island

  • Seed: 1248939201

Mountain island is a place where you can build astonishing houses and structures with a beautiful view. This seed will spawn you at a mountain island. The island is around the mountains and waterfall at the center of the mountains from the peak.

Badlands Mountain

  • Seed: -632509719
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: -72, Z: -616

As you know badlands is the largest plus most visited biome of the Minecraft having different mineshafts and ores, this seed will spawn you there. You can explore two large mountains in the badlands biomes using this seed.

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