Minecraft Skyrim Mod

Wanna enhance your blocky Minecraft gameplay? Add the best role playing Minecraft Skyrim mod that adds new mobs, magics, quests, levels, and unlimited adventures to your survival worlds. Besides other Minecraft roleplaying mods, this mod has a new texture, new items and new experiences for Minecraft players.

Minecraft Skyrim Mod

Introducing Skyrim Adventures into Minecraft

Combining the features of Minecraft and the famous role playing video game ‚ÄúSkyrim”, the developers have introduced a new Minecraft Skyrim mod that brings a storyline of Skyrim and Minecraft plus adds the new items, weapons, armor, mobs, adventures and other features from Skyrim to Minecraft. So, let’s dive into the features of this mod briefly. For additional recommendations, see Minecraft Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod.


Minecraft already has the most amazing mobs, but the mod has added famous characters from Skyrim mod into Minecraft. Each character is called a mob on this mod having different details and characteristics. The mobs include

  1. Imperial Soldier
  2. Dragon
  3. Draugr Deathlord
  4. Sheogorath
  5. Nazir
  6. Saadia
  7. Vampire Lord
  8. Isran
  9. Breton Mage
  10. Forsworn Shanan

Besides all these mobs, the mod has added two most famous plus dangerous mobs Aslduin and Krosis from Skyrim. Alduin is powerful and has 2000 health with fire breath attacks while krosis is the dragon priest and has 1000 health with summoned meteors attacks.


Skyrim mod adds new effects, items, armor and even weapons from Skyrim to MC. In terms of effects, the mod has added shout, giving Minecraft players extra fighting effects. In terms of weapons, the mod has added new bows, daggers and maces. Maces have highest damage, slowest speed, while Daggers have less damage than swords but fastest speed. Each item and weapon have unique stats for Minecraft players.


Dragon born in Minecraft is a player character that has the ability to absorb the souls of the dragons. You can get the dragon born into your survival MC worlds by adding this skyrim mod. Either its dungeons or dragons, everything has detailed features, characteristics and specifications in Skyrim mod.


Finally to conclude our article, we can say that download the most popular role playing Skyrim mod on your compatible devices and experience the best of adventures from leveling up the quests or using magic weapons while fighting against bosses. You can download other Minecraft mods that are single player role playing from our website but after checking the Minecraft download version.


Does this mod add new adventures?

Yes, this mod adds new adventures into your Minecraft.

Can I play this mod on the Windows version of Minecraft?

Yes, you can play this mod on the Windows version of Minecraft.

Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website’s Mod section.

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