Minecraft Shrink Mod

Ever wanted to become a shrinked character in Minecraft survival worlds to experience more adventures? Minecraft Shrink mod is an expansion that allows players to shrink themselves into different sizes from ants to butterflies. With this Minecraft mod, you can be indirectly invisible to every entity by reducing your size and enjoying the gameplay of Minecraft as a shrinked player.

Minecraft Shrink Mod

Introducing Shrink Mechanism into Minecraft

Minecraft APK is undoubtedly the most popular game that offers different features to players, the most best feature is to add different modifications. These modifications must be compatible with your Minecraft download version. In today’s article, we will briefly discuss the shrink mods that shrink the size of players to allow them to experience the best adventures as a tiny player. Let’s dive into the features of this mod.

Personal Shrinking Device

Minecraft Shrink mod is an expansion that allows players to shrink into different sizes. This mod offers a personal shrinking device that is a single item used by players to shrink themselves. You have to right click the device to shrink your Minecraft character to a tiny block size. Before using the device, power it for energy sources.

Personal Shrinking Device


From adventure experiences to enjoying a unique gameplay of Minecraft, this shrinking mod is something great for Minecraft players to explore new ways of adventures. If you have your own shrinking device, you can shrink your character in this to any size. If you’re having a heavy fight against mobs, you can take advantage of the moment by shrinking yourself in a tiny version, looting the mob or attacking the mob at his lowest or his highest part. The mod allows players to fight heavier by spying on mobs and target the mobs perfectly. Moreover the exact size of shrinking is 1 block in height and 0.5 blocks in width. 

Personal Shrinking Device

Shrink Ray

Besides the simple shrinking mod, Minecraft Shrink ray is another top level modification that players can add to their Minecraft having enhanced features. The main feature of this mod is to provide a shrink ray to players for reducing the size of objects and its items in terms of height and width. For reducing, players have to target the ray on the object and press for 10 seconds.

Shrink Ray


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that Minecraft shrink mod is a beautiful opportunity for Minecraft players to experience the gameplay in a unique way, like transforming into smaller versions. You can travel to different smaller holes and live in the toy houses within Minecraft.

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Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

Can I play this mod with my friends in a multiplayer mod?

Yes, you can play this mod with your friends in a multiplayer mode.

Can I shrink my character to any size in this mod?

Yes, you can shrink your character to any size in this mod.

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