Minecraft Cozy House

Minecraft cozy house is a great option for having an aesthetic plus beautiful house in your Survival mode. You can build a cozy, attractive house in your Minecraft world if you follow proper guidance. In this article, you will learn how to make Minecraft Cozy house with step by step guidance and pictures. Make your own beautiful aesthetic house and add decorations inside and outside the house.

Minecraft Cozy House

Ultimate Guide on Making a Minecraft Cozy House

Minecraft is a game that allows players to build from small to larger houses with beautiful exteriors. You can build beautiful aesthetic structures in your Minecraft worlds that are incredibly difficult to build but are worthy of time. Learn how to build an aesthetic cozy house and make it a source of protection against mobs. For making this cozy house as shown in the picture below, you need different materials. Gather your materials first to start building. Also check out Minecraft Wooden House.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before building this beautiful cozy house, you have to gather different materials required for this house. Gather Materials for exterior including Blocks, bars, carpets, chests and other decorative items.

Minecraft Cozy House

For interior gather materials including planks, wool, stairs, trapdoors, slabs, furnace and other materials.

Minecraft Cozy House

Step 2: Build Foundation

Once done gather the materials, build a foundation of your house having different wools around the base. Fill the base with oak planks and make the pillars of 6 squares of stripped spruce log on the light blue wool.

build foundation

Step 3: Build Roof

After building a base of the cozy house and building pillars, now it’s time to build a roof. Place spruce wood planks between the pillars and fill the roof area with these planks.

build roof part 1

Once building a roof, build another top roof as it is a two story beautiful cozy house.  Again make pillars but of 4 squares and fill the roof area with white wool having glass span as windows on all sides. Place Spruce wood planks at the top of the wool.

build roof

Step 4: Add Oak Planks

Place stone bricks on top of all the sides of the roof and place oak planks again on the bricks. Once done, place oak leaves and azalea leaves for decoration.

add oak plants

Step 5: Place Door

After making a roof, step down to the 2nd story of the house and add layers of wool walls and place a door between them. Besides door, add chests, lanterns, sofas and fence to make it look beautiful.

Add trapdoors on both sides of the house by adding layers of pillars and add grass seeds in front of them.

add trapdoors

Step 6: Build Walls

Once done with the 1st story of the house, step down to the first story and build walls between the pillars on all sides and add glass spans. After placing the glass spans, add three layers of oak planks and build 3 pillars having lanterns on the top.

build walls

Add 3 woods again in front of the lantern walls and place pots with flowers.

add laterns

Step 7: Add Fence and Door

Add a fence between the house walls and lantern walls. For more decorations, add green carpet and other plants including glow berries. Grow some fruit with bone meal.

add fence

Add a wooden door to the 1st story of the house and surround it with beautiful plants and flowers. Add cheats in front of the door.

Minecraft cozy house

Step 8: Add Windows

The last step of exterior building is to add glass windows on both sides of the 1st story of the house having shelters and lanterns. Add some plants for a more beautiful look.

add windows

Step 9: Making Interior

Once done with making the exterior of the house, it’s time to build and decorate the interior. Build walls with striped spruce log and white wool. Place chests, lanterns, armor stands, fishing rods, add a layer of spruce slab on top of them and put flowers on them.

making interior

For making the interior beautiful, you can add anything you want. It’s all up to you. Make your imaginative interior to make your house look beautiful inside.

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